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Valdoxan (agomelatine):

This is a new class of antidepressant, released in Canada a few years ago, and released in Australia on 1st Sep 2010. It stimulates melatonin receptors in your brain, and blocks serotonin receptors. So it is in a medication class of its own, with very different side-effects to our pre-existing antidepressants. Research results from the manufacturer show that dizziness, nausea and occasional headaches are the most common side-effects. A few people feel fatigued. Also, blood tests to check your liver are recommended on Day 1, at 6 weeks, at 3 months and at intervals thereafter. It is reported that Valdoxan is as effective as our existing antidepressants, and without causing weight gain, sexual side-effects (or at least far less than the usual antidepressants), drowsiness, perspiration, or withdrawal effects when stopped. The normal dose is one to two 25 mg tablets at night. Switching/Combinations: Interactions between SSRIs and Valdoxan are not expected, as Valdoxan does not interfere with serotonin transmission.

The manufacturers specifically state there is no interaction with the SSRI paroxetine (Aropax). However, please note that the manufacturer does not formally advocate combinations, or any use of Valdoxan outside the Product Information (below). Valdoxan should not be taken if you are also taking Luvox or Faverin, in theory, as your serum level of Valdoxan will be higher than expected from the dose you are taking.

The Consumer Medical Information (for patients) and the Product Information (for doctors) can be downloaded here.







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